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08.11.2012 / 21:35

EC Christianslust 2012
Final result list
Resultlist Saturday 


27.08.2012 / 13:59

 Dear Members 

After requests from some member federations about the deadline for entering the EC Drayland 2012, the ESDRA Board have decided to extend the deadline to October 8th - 2012.

This is due to the various qualification races.


13.08.2012 / 11:01

 Dear Members,

Please find attached the Invitation and Entry form for the 2012 ESDRA Dryland EC.

Questions should be addressed to the Sports Director, Nils Finsrud.


Entry form


12.06.2012 / 11:42

Highlights from the ESDRA Congress 2012 in Oslo



29.05.2012 / 09:31

The ESDRA  2012 Congress will be held June 10, 2012, in Oslo, Norway at the Rica Hotel Gardermoen

Booking shall be made to:

Rica Hotel Gardermoen

Phone: +47 63 92 66 00


Booking reference: IFSS GA

25.04.2012 / 10:44

 EUROPA CUP 2011-2012

The cup is calculated and you will find the results  at  the Europa Cup banner
22.04.2012 / 10:43

Highlits from the Boardmeeting in Dintikon April 22


12.04.2012 / 08:30
 Subject: ESDRA CONGRESS 2012
Dear members of ESDRA,
I am pleased to invite you to participate at the ESDRA Congress 2012, which will take place between June 8th and 10th, 2012 in Hotel Rica Gardermoen, Oslo, Norway.
The Congress will be arranged together with IFSS General Assembly and the ESDRA Congress will most probably take place on Sunday the 10th. Enclosed is the preliminary agenda for the ESDRA Congress. As IFSS Member you have already got the formal Calling Notice to the GA. More details with travel and hotel information will be published soon on the ESDRA homepage,
This year’s Congress week-end is a joint event with IFSS General Assembly in order to decide if the main ESDRA’s duties in the future should be handled within the IFSS organization. This will need some changes in the IFSS By-Laws therefore the ESDRA Board believes that the IFSS GA will be held during the Friday and Saturday. The ESDRA Congress can then be held mainly during Sunday, in order to make the necessary decisions to hand over the ESDRA duties to IFSS if the members of ESDRA so decides. In any case the ESDRA will exist in the future, at least until we know that IFSS serves the need for Sport development and events that we expect. This means that we will elect the positions in the Board which run out this year. See more below.
Sunday will also be the day for further meetings and to solve issues that had occurred during the decision processes.
The ESDRA Board also reminds you that, per ESDRA regulations part 1 Statutes & Administrative regulations
“Motions (see also chapter III. Requirements for Proposals), to be presented by ESDRA Agencies or ESDRA Member Associations to the Congress, shall be sent to the President of ESDRA. The motions shall be in writing, in English, and shall be in the hands of the President no later than eight weeks prior to the meeting. The President, in turn, shall send the motions to all Member Associations no later
than four weeks prior to the meeting.”
Practically this means that all motions (from the ESDRA Member Associations and from the Committees) should be on my desk by April 13th. I would appreciate if you send the motions by e-mail to me with copy to the Secretary so she can organize the Congress package in due time. The motions will be reviewed by the ESDRA Board of Directors during its meeting 14th -15th of April and will be distributed along with the detailed agenda as soon as possible after that meeting.
I also want to you remind you about one other issue:
Elections for the new Board according to the present regulations for the following positions are: President and Secretary for two years. Michelle Bernard has told us that she is not running for another term so we need your help to find a new secretary. We shall also elect Auditors (one year) and one member of the Penal committee. Please make your proposal for candidates to the Board asap.
 Best regards

Lars Svanfeldt,
ESDRA President
27.11.2011 / 10:48


25-27 November 2011, Bromma, Sweden

On Friday the Board met with IFSS President Bengt Pontén to discuss the progress in the collaboration between ESDRA and IFSS and the creation of a possible future IFSS European “region”. The Board was informed about the steps that IFSS has taken so far in this process and a timeline for tasks to be carried out by both was established.

ESDRA is still available to help IFSS with any assistance needed to successfully bring this project into being. The final decision on the possibility of transformation of ESDRA into a regional IFSS entity will be made by the 2012 ESDRA Congress. 

EC on snow 2012: preparations are going smoothly. The Board discussed the official race staff. The Invitation has been sent.

Europacup: fewer races have been sanctioned. There are 9 dryland cup events and, so far, 14 on snow events. Applications are still being accepted for the On-snow Europacup; please contact Nils Finsrud .

EC Dryland 2012: ESDRA has received a bid from Germany and has sent out the information to the Members for an immediate email vote. Negotiations will begin with the VDSV depending on the results of the vote. Deadline for voting is December 11th.

Finances are in good order. The Board discussed the Members who are not in good standing (who have not paid membership or other fees) and took the necessary statutory decisions in each case.

DIDs and EC registration:  The Board reminds the Members that Members must be “in good standing” to request DID’s and to register teams for Championship events. This means the Member must have no outstanding debts (membership fees or other payments) with ESDRA before registering DIDs or EC teams.

ESDRA Congress 2012:  June 15th to 17th 2012. The Board has booked three days as the IFSS may wish to hold the 2012 IFSS GA at the same place and time. The Board is currently examining offers for hosting. The final information will be provided with the Call for Delegates in March 2012. 

Statutory Elections: president and secretary 

26.11.2011 / 11:53

Please note: applications for the On-snow Europacup are still being accepted. Please send your application files NOW to the sports director:


26.11.2011 / 10:22


On 25 November the ESDRA Board met with IFSS President Bengt Pontén to discuss the progression in collaboration between ESDRA and IFSS and the creation of a possible future IFSS “region Europe.” The Board was pleased to learn that IFSS has taken some necessary steps forward in this process. ESDRA remains available to IFSS for all assistance needed to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

The final decision on whether or not to transfer the duties of ESDRA as a regional entity, to IFSS, will be made at the 2012 ESDRA Congress. In the meantime, ESDRA is continuing as and independent sports organisation and organising the European championships 2012 and Europa Cups 2011-2011.


16.11.2010 / 07:11

EC Decision 388/2010, transport of more than five dogs in Europe: The official decision of the European Commission has been published and has amended the May 6th decision on the document required to transport more than five dogs per person to extend the validity to four months.

You will find the official publications and explanations here:
Reg 388-2010 fax to CVOs
Official Decsion EU Commission 10 November 2010 Transports chiens
Offcial Announcement November 2010 EU transport of dogs

The ESDRA Board will continue to follow this issue closely and hopes to have feedback from its Members and dirvers.

25.01.2010 / 18:47

IFSS - Rules
You are able to find the current IFSS race ruls and race procedure on
- IFSS Race Rules April 2009
- Race Procedure Approved April 2009

All information about next EC Dryland 2012  in Christianslust, Germany!

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EUROPACUP: Important information:
Result list deadlines: off snow January 1st, on snow April 15th. No calculations if lists sent in late!

cup classes
cup 2014 nome (23 Sep 2013)
cup 2014 nordic (23 Sep 2013)
cup 2014 off snow (23 Sep 2013)
9.-10. of June, Congress, Oslo
 3.-4. of November  EC Dryland 2012, Christianslust Germany
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